12 Oct 2010

Scottsdale’s Soleri Bridge project is Underway

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Scottsdale has done very well by continuing to invest in public art. This commitment continues to make Scottsdale a beautiful and interesting place for visitors and residents. The public arts project is clearly one of many factors making Scottsdale a top vacation destination. In 1985, the Arizona city of Scottsdale adopted a one percent for art ordinance and established the Scottsdale Public Art Program with the goal to enhance the quality of life afforded area residents and visitors. Scottsdale’s program and projects have won local, regional and national awards. Public art has taken many forms ranging from the walls of the Pima Freeway to James Turrell’s Skyspace at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. I am excited about the latest addition, and I know visitors to our Sunny Scottsdale Condo Vacation Rental will enjoy the new Soleri addition.

Read more about the Soleri Bridge Project at azcentral.com

For Even More info:

Read More about Paolo Soleri on Wikipedia

05 Oct 2010

Take a tour of historic treasures in Old Town Scottsdale

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You would be surprised how many historic treasures you pass by on a day to day basis. Ace Bailey of Ultimate Art and Cultural Tours showed us around Old Town Scottsdale, and we learned about some amazing places that are right under our nose.

Take a tour of historic treasures in Old Town Scottsdale.